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Poster: BruceWolfe Date: Aug 31, 2008 9:06am
Forum: sflan Subject: Large WiFi nets

Considering our best efforts at the mesh network party, here is something that may shed some light.

Bruce Wolfe

| Wireless LANs Face Huge Scaling Challenges |
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BobB writes with this excerpt from NetworkWorld: "Early WLANs focused on
growing the number of access points to cover a given area. But today,
many wireless administrators are focusing more attention on scaling
capacity to address [0]a surge in end users and the multimedia content
they consume (this is particularly being seen at universities).
Supporting this involves everything from rethinking DNS infrastructure to
developing a deeper understanding of what access points can handle. And
802.11n is no silver bullet, warn those building big wireless networks.
'These scaling issues are becoming more and more apparent where lots of
folks show up and you need to make things happen,' says the former IT
director for a big Ivy League campus."

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